Как сделать в флеш майнкрафт

Tutorial thursday // how to draw an awesome minecraft character (skin) (adobe flash tutorial)

Here i will teach you guys how to make an awesome minecraft character on Adobe Flash, and you don't need to be good at drawing at all. If you wish to see more tutorials or even more videos of any kind then please leave a like and comment and i will be sure to read it and get back to you. Or if you wish to private message me then feel free as i check my messages regularly!

Minecraft Skin Viewer: 
(Wait for the link to be displayed then click the top right yellow button)

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I have full rights to this song as given to me by RhysUplifted.

This video will show you how to:
- Use Minecraft Skin Viewer (Character)
- Use Adoble Flash tools (Brush, eraser, color, fill)
- Draw Minecraft Characters in an easy way
- Make amazing minecraft cartoon art
- Customize your own minecraft skin
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