Как собрать железную дорогу чаггингтон

Die-cast portable double decker roundhouse / chuggington набор "двухэтажное депо" - tomy - lc54217a

двухэтажное депо с открывающимися воротами и ручкой для переноски, кольцевая железная дорога, вращающаяся двухуровневая платформа, паровозик Брюстер.


Store your favorite engines in a convenient and portable Double Decker Roundhouse. Fold down the turntable and assemble the track layout. Includes a 360 degree spinning turntable that also slides! Press the button and the turntable raises to the second level. Drive your engines into their bays for a much needed rest. Store your track in the top of the roundhouse to take Chuggington with you wherever you go! Includes new and improved track!.

Product Features
Portable play set
Dual level sliding turntable
Brewster engine and loop of track included.
Collect all of your favorite Chuggington characters!

Recommended Ages:3 – 5
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